About Us

Quality Products
NOVETE is a global home appliance brand that is dedicated to delivering innovative products with the strictest quality control and exclusive design. Our talented staff uses the latest technologies, materials and manufacturing methods to ensure superior-quality products.
The successful execution on our high standards has attracted numerous global partners and generated a high growth rate.

We Aim for 100% Customer Satisfaction
NOVETE's top priority is to work tirelessly for perfect customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this goal,  it is critical to provide market-leading reliability of affordable products. Having a competent and friendly customer support with a 100% rate of clarification is equally important.

Holistic Customer Support
As a premier supplier, the staff at NOVETE promises a holistic customer support. We offer free lifetime technical support on all of our products. Our technical support staff works diligently to assist customers in every respect, while taking into account their experience to improve our products and services.