Frequently Asked Questions
Is the HEPA Filter removable?

Yes, due to the rubber seal that ensures optimal performance, some force may be required to remove the filter from the dust cup for cleaning. 

How to clean the HEPA filter?

For filter cleaning , use cold water without detergent. Leave to dry in a warm place for 24 hours, please do not dry the filter in a tumble dryer. Ensure the filters are completely dry before replacing in the machine.

Does it vacuum up liquid?

Yes, use rubber nozzle to vacuum liquid.

Do not vacuum over 100ml liquid. To prevent collected water from running into the motor, do not hold the unit upside down or put it on its side after vacuuming liquid, please empty the dust cup as soon as possible.

When should the HEPA filter be replaced?

Replace it every 3 months when used regularly or sooner depending on frequency.

Can I always connect the vacuum cleaner to power?

Yes. The product is built with full battery protection and will automatically cut off from power after fully charged. A continuously connected charging cable does not cause overcharging.

When does the vacuum cleaner need to be cleaned?

• When the vacuum cleaner delivers crisp sound during operation or when the vacuum power decreases and the cleaning effect weakens. Please clean the HEPA filter with the cleaning brush or wash under water. 
  Air dry the filter completely after washing.

• Regularly cleaning the HEPA filter can maintain reliable vacuum power.

• It is recommended to clean the HEPA filter every time after use.